Thursday, April 19, 2012

For my May exhibit at WVTF, Charlottesville

2011 was something of a lost year. Only recently have I been able to revisit the work I began about two years ago, to complete it for a show in May at NPR's WVTF studio in Charlottesville. It's a series of small works on paper having to do with trees, with the way trees make us experience our time, with how we feel their lines and what they do to our horizons. On the whole, people have been wrinkling their noses when I mention my current subject matter, as if trees could some how ever become passĂ© for artists. This situation brings to mind something I think I read in Edward Abbey, though I haven't come across the line since, something to the effect: Who says you can't love a rock? Nonsense, bullshit. We have all loved rocks. 

Hedgerow, 8x8
(Gouache and Ink on Kitakata Paper, 2012)

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